The program consultant for your discipline reviews your application to make sure that it is eligible, according to the grant criteria. If they find your application ineligible, it may not continue to the jury.

Once they’ve reviewed all applications, the program consultant proposes a jury of peers from the arts community, who are qualified to adjudicate those applications. Jurors must let the Arts Board know about any potential conflicts of interest. The jury is approved by the Chief Executive Officer of the Arts Board.

Jurors assess applications against the program’s criteria. They discuss the applications and provide their scores, which are compiled into an overall score for each applicant. This results in a ranked list of all applicants.

For most of our programs, the jury is then given the amount of funds available for the program and recommends funding amounts for applicants, starting at the top of the list, until all the funds have been used. This means that many worthy applicants will not receive funds, even though they have been recommended by the jury. (In most cases, the Arts Board is only able to fund 30 per cent of recommended applicants.) If this applies to you, please try again at another grant deadline. Every deadline and jury are different. Don’t give up!

We’ll let you know the jury’s decision within 90 days of the grant closing date. Be sure to call the program consultant after you receive the news to see if the jury had any specific comments to pass along that will help you improve your future applications. Full results will be posted to the Saskatchewan Arts Board’s website here.

The Saskatchewan Arts Board is committed to protecting your personal information, which is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.